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At HVAC Design & Support LLC. we have over 25 years of experience in the HVAC industry in Ireland, Australia and The United States. 
The company was formed to fill a need for professional HVAC Design in the Residential and Light Commercial fields. We provide services to, and       work closely with, Architects and  their clientele, Builders, Mechanical Contractors, eliminating potential on site problems at the Architectural design development stage and ensuring  that energy efficient and environmentally friendly systems are installed as intended and operate as expected.

Through years of experience designing systems and managing custom HVAC projects in the field working alongside top-flight Mechanics and Technicians for highly reputable mechanical contractors, invaluable knowledge was accumulated. We are acutely aware of the comfort levels and design parameters required by the discernible clientele of distinguished Architectural firms. Our focus is on communication and attention to detail. 

"Thanks for your help on our most recent project. I've enjoyed your flexibility and easygoing manner, without sacrifice of professionalism.Your thoughtful ideas have resulted in mechanical systems that have both responded to and enhanced the overall architectural integrity of the project.  I've appreciated both your timely responses and your sensitivity to architectural issues, and value the rapport."
-Reno Design Group Architecture  &  Planning

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