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To HVAC Design and Support LLC. we are the professionals you should have had at your side on that last Residential or Light Commercial project! We are at your service specializing in providing a competitive bid package for Custom Designed High Performance Residential HVAC Systems.

Design-Build Package 
In addition to the benefit of an efficient pre-designed HVAC Systems layout, in which the client or representative of the client is involved, a vital component is that the search for an HVAC Contractor can be undertaken competitively and completed prior to the commencement of construction. This advantage enables the appointed contractor to schedule your project, order materials, and equipment on time and in advance, ensuring the HVAC phase of the project is completed on schedule or before.
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We provide the engineering due diligence necessary to attain the high standards required to achieve the dual goals of seasonal comfort and energy efficiency

HVAC  Fact Sheet

Accurate Load Calculations are the key to energy efficiency and a comfortable home environment.  

Architectural and Mechanical design collaboration at the project development stage produce an immeasurable benefit in terms of eliminating potential cost overruns.This is achieved by the prevention of obstructions arising during installation of ductwork through framing designs, duct sizing and problems with equipment locations, airflow and accessibility. Utilizing pre-designed custom HVAC systems and discarding the cumbersome Design- Bid- Build method will ensure that you understand what you need to know and receive value for your investment in your home.

Although IRC M1503.4 has challenged builders, it is rooted in safety. Since modern homes are built with far less air
leakage than they have in the past, the operation of a high-cfm  Kitchen Exhaust Hood can cause a negative pressure inside the
home. This can result in back-drafts from fuel-burning appliances, which can lead to unsafe levels of carbon monoxide and
other toxins inside the home. Visit the Compliance tab above for additional information on Exhaust Systems + Makeup Air

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Guide to basic. HVAC Standards

The Carrier Infinity System plays a major role in meeting the technological requirements of today's fast-paced professionals. The Infinity Touch Control  is available with and without Wi-Fi connectivity capability. The Infinity System provides Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.of up to  21 S.E.E.R.  

Both the Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi versions are designed for single or multi-zone  applications.Complete integration of temperature,humidity, and ventilation in every season. In addition to environmental safety these systems are 30 to 40% more efficient than the standard heating and cooling systems, thereby combining excellence in efficiency and environmental safety.

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Energy Star, LEED and many permit offices require that after the residential HVAC designer has completed the ACCA Manual J
load calculation to determine the heating and cooling needs of the home, then the designer needs to size the physical HVAC equipment based on Manual S and the manufacturer OEM data for the home's specific design conditions.The Air Distribution
system is required to be designed using Manual D to account for static pressure available for unimpeded airflow.